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History of American Express® (150+ years of reinvention and customer service)

The story of American Express® is a fascinating one, filled with interesting and sometimes quirky characters who -through a combination of brains, perseverance and luck- shaped the company’s development during the past century and a half. The express company that forwarded freight and valuables evolved into a company that created and sold financial products like money orders and travelers cheques. Following an era of international expansion, the company became an entity perhaps best known for its charge card. Today, American Express is a global payments company. The attributes that today are the hallmarks of the American Express brand – trust, integrity, security, quality, customer service – all have their roots in this compelling story. In this history, as well, are the genesis and development of the company’s aspiration to become the world’s most respected service brand.

About American Express®

American Express® is a leading global payments, network and travel company founded in 1850. It is a world leader in charge and credit cards, Travelers Cheques, travel, and business services. Since 1996 American Express® has been aggressively pursuing a strategy of opening its merchant network and card product portfolio to third party issuers around the world. By leveraging its global infrastructure and the powerful appeal of brand, American Express® has gained even broader reach for its network worldwide. American Express® has now established nearly 125 partnerships around the world.

American Express® and Nations Trust Bank

Nations Trust Bank is one of the fastest growing banks in Sri Lanka today. It’s portfolio of financial product and services catering to the varying requirements of individual, corporate or institutional clients supports its market positioning of “One Bank Many Solutions”. In 2003, Nations Trust Bank became a sole issuer & acquirer of one of the world’s most prestigious credit cards, American Express® Cards. Since then, Nations Trust Bank has issued a diverse type of American Express Cards to satisfy customer requirements