Divingand Snorkelling in Sri Lanka

Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Sri Lanka and uncover a vibrant underwater world teeming with life and colour. With its pristine coral reefs, azure seas, and diverse marine life, Sri Lanka is a paradise for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts.

Along the island’s southern coast lies Hikkaduwa, a renowned diving destination known for its spectacular coral gardens and kaleidoscopic marine creatures. Explore vibrant reefs adorned with a dazzling array of corals, where schools of colourful fish dart among the crevices, and majestic sea turtles glide gracefully through the water.

Further south, the coastal town of Unawatuna offers enchanting dive sites, including historic shipwrecks, home to an abundance of marine species and fascinating underwater relics.

Venture east to Trincomalee, where pristine beaches and clear waters beckon snorkellers and divers alike. Explore the pristine coral reefs of Pigeon Island National Park, where vibrant corals and exotic fish create a mesmerizing underwater tapestry.

For the adventurous at heart, the remote island of Batticaloa boasts dive sites and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered beneath the waves.

Guided by experienced dive instructors and marine biologists, diving and snorkelling in Sri Lanka offer unparalleled opportunities to explore the wonders of the ocean. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a novice snorkeller, Sri Lanka’s underwater playground promises unforgettable experiences and breathtaking encounters with the marvels of the sea. Dive into adventure and discover the magic of diving and snorkelling in Sri Lanka’s waters.